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Excerpt of the Forward by Robert T. Stacey, CEO of the Assoication for the Advancement of Relationship Marketing.

For several decades now there has been a concerted effort to build better customer relationships. The promise—greater customer lifetime value. While the conviction that there is “gold in them thar’ hills” is stronger than ever, we are still trying to get it right. This book gets us on the right track.

For the past three decades I have been heavily involved in the field of customer relationship marketing and its various manifestations across many industries. As the president and CEO of the Association for the Advancement of Relationship Marketing, I have had the chance to hear 100’s of gurus, thought leaders, and champions of best practices. It’s been an interesting journey. I must tell you however, that reading this book makes me realize that the underlying issues are bigger than the marketing department, customer care and CRM, combined. The issues surrounding customers and customer relationships gets to the core of what a successful business strategy needs to encompass.

“Addicted Customers” is much more than a simple cookbook or book of “best practices.” This is indeed a provocative book with many insightful perspectives. John does provide many great examples to illustrate the principles of “hooking customers.” There are many ideas that can translate into ways to capture “low-hanging- fruit”. However, I firmly believe that those with the right mindset can take these principles and run with them—combine them with their industry knowledge and gain tremendous success.

MarketingSherpa Review (February 19, 2007)

New Book Offer: 'Addicted Customers: How to Get Them Hooked on Your Company'

Are you an executive who thinks your company treats its customers well? Do we have a surprise for you! While 80% of business leaders say they take care of their consumers, only 8% of customers agree.

John I. Todor suggests that many companies lose sales precisely because of this divergent definition of value. Research shows that three-fourths of business leaders focus on operational efficiency rather than on a more essential task of answering customers' needs. That number is unfortunate considering the fact that customers reward caring businesses with devotion.

In his new book, Todor explains how to achieve that loyalty. Customers remain with companies because of future possibilities that an established relationship might offer. The trick is to reduce customers' stress and to appeal to the more desirable buying personality.

According to the author, each one of us has two mindsets -- one that focuses on price and convenience, and one that concentrates on emotional and psychological engagement. This is why it's so important to have a message that resonates with the buyer. Todor uses multiple real-life examples to support his broad principles. He stresses that the strategies can be used in a B-to-B context, as well as in B-to-C.

Other Endorsements

“Addicted Customers led me to water... and it made me drink. John Todor uses clear and persuasive writing to really cut through the cookie cutter business writing ‘how to’ clutter and captures the essence of building true, long term customer relationships. I think it should be on everyone’s ‘must read’ list.”

David Curran, CEO
Data Commnuiqué International

“How do you move customers from indifference about your brand to an engaged purchasing experience? John Todor provides us with straightforward and powerful answers that are simple to grasp and easy to put into action. Addicted Customers ins’t about simple brand affinity. It’s a handbook for how to get customers hooked on your company’s product.”

Ron Tonini, CEO
Picture Marketing, Inc.

“John Todor has taken complicated psychological concepts and made them easy to understand. Then he shows you how to take advantage of this knowledge for the benefit your company and your customers. Better hope your competition doesn’t read this before you do.”

Joe Beaulaurier, Marketing Manager

“Addicted Customers should be required reading in every marketing and employee training program. It provides valuable information and examples about the buyer-seller relationship. The customer or client relationship is of universal concern whether the product is tangible or intangible. John Todor clearly articulates what it takes for the customer to enter into a committed relationship. Moreover, he shows how businesses can make this happen.”

Kenneth Lersten, Ed.D.
Certified Financial Planner and Investment Consultant
A.G. Edwards

“If you only focus on your product, you will only create more features. If you focus on your customers, you will create more sales. This book connects the pieces you need to know about engaging customers in an era when they are in control.
Keep a notepad by your side. This book will inspire great ideas on how you can engage your customers during the buying experience.”

Bill Flitter
VP Marketing and Founder
Pheedo, Inc.

“John Todor delivers an insightful roadmap for identifying, developing and creating the ultimate in business relationships—Addicted Customers! We’ve been around initiatives such as CRM and 1:to:1 Marketing before. Now we have a knowledgeable guide to complete the journey. Bravo!

Thomas P. Darcy
Information Management Industry Marketing

“John Todor delivers an insightful roadmap for identifying, developing and creating the ultimate in business relationships—Addicted Customers! We’ve been around initiatives such as CRM and 1:to:1 Marketing before. Now we have a knowledgeable guide to complete the journey. Bravo!"

Thomas P. Darcy
Information Management Industry Marketing